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Blarney Woollenmills in Cork, the largest Irish Store in the world, recently opened a new department called “Blarney Celtic Jewellery”.

In keeping with its reputation, this new departure for Blarney Woollenmills is the largest Celtic Jewellery Department in Ireland and, probably, the world. Specialist Jewellery Shopfitter Store Design, in conjunction with Blarney’s in-house retail development team, brought together all the elements required to make this a very impressive and busy new area.

The new Area for Blarney Celtic Jewellery is part of the old woolen mills and so is a big space with high ceilings. While the requirement is not to lose that warehouse feeling, Jewellery is, by its nature, a collection of physically small items which will get lost in a large space. The strategy, therefore, was to use dark, warm, and luxurious finishes in the space while keeping the merchandise areas in a bright finish very well lit.

The result is a strong emphasis on the product and, more importantly, a corresponding increase in sales!

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